Apr 20, 2013

Tea time: which tea?

Whether you call it high tea or afternoon tea, it's an occasion to socialize in style with you friends.

Here's how you make a good cup of tea and a list with the most popular teas.

The traditional method of making a cup of tea is to place loose tea leaves, either directly or in a tea infuser, into a tea pot and pour freshly boiled water over the leaves. After a few minutes, the leaves are usually removed again. It depends on the kind of tea how long the leaves should steep. 

1. Earl grey, the world's most famous black tea. It gets its citrucy flavor from the essential oil of bergamot (an orange-like fruit)

2. Chamomille tea, an herbal infusion with a floral, appe-like flavor. Many people drink it because it is natrually caffeine-free. 

3. Jasmine tea, one of the most fragrant and flavorful. It's the most popular Chinese flavored tea. Jasmine tea is a special blend of high quality loose tea leaves with jasmine petals. It has a sweet taste. 

4. Green tea has a more delicate flavor than black. The leaves a dried and heat-treated soon after they're picked, which stops the fermentation process. Green tea is full of antioxidants. 

5. Mint tea, an tea that became very popular in the past years. It's most common application is to help soothe digestive upset. 
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