Apr 20, 2012

How to make a gum paste/ fondant bow

Bows look really pretty as a top or side decoration on all sorts of cakes. See here how you make one!

This is what you need:

- Equal parts of rolled fondant and gum paste, mixed well together
- Rolling pin
- Small knife
- Tylo glue (or honey if you don't have this)
- Small brush
- Polyester fiber
- Kitchen paper
- A pair of scissors
- A ruler 

Step 1:
Take some of the polyester fiber and wrap it in a piece of kitchen paper. Adjust the amount of polyester fiber to the size of your bow loops. Remember to make two of them.

Step 2:

Roll out your (already colored) paste thinly with a rolling pin. Take a knife and a ruler and cut two (long) pieces for the bow loops. 
You could also use embossing tools or brush the two pieces with shimmer or lustre dust.

Step 3:
Take one of the bow loop pieces and brush a little tylo glue at one of the ends. Place one of the polyester fiber rolls in the middle.
Fold the bow loop around the polyester fiber roll.

Step 4: Take the end of the loop and start in the middle by going back and forth to make pleats.
Secure the pleats with a little tylo glue. Repeat the previous steps with the other bow loop.

Step 5:
Trim the end of the loops with a knife and brush ends with a little tylo glue.
Place the two bow loops together and let them dry a bit before you continue with the next step.

Step 6:
Roll out some paste thinly and cut a small piece for the middle of the bow and make some pleats.
Brush a little tylo glue on the back of the piece and wrap it around the bow. Trim with the knife if necessary. 
Note: Remove the polyester fiber rolls when the bow are dry.

Step 7:
For tails: roll out some more paste. Cut the tails in the same width as the bow loops. Pleat the ends and attach the tails with a little glue to the bow.
Note: I often wait with the bow tails, until the bow is to be placed on the cake. This makes it more easy to place the tails in the right position.