Jun 18, 2012

How to: flower fairy cake topper

A really cute fairy which you can place on top of a cake. You can also make it smaller and place it on top of a cupcake. It's made by using some easy techniques. 

Step 1:
Take a golf ball sized amount of skin colored fondant and knead your fondant with Tylo powder (1/4-1/2 tsp) Shape the fondant into a slim cone shape. Insert a cocktail stick in the top and set aside. 

Step 2:
Take some more “skin” fondant add 1/4 tsp of Tylo powder. Roll out a 2 1/2″ long sausage. Cut it in two and mold a little foot. Remember to check if they are right in size for the fairy body. Glue the legs on at the front of the body using edible glue. Set a side to dry. 

Step 3:
Determine what size you want for the wings. Then take some white fondant with Tylo powder and roll it out thinly (2-3mm) Cut out 3 butterflies (in case of breakage) Cut them in two and brush them with some glitter dust and set a side to dry completely.

Step 4:
Have your cup covered with foil ready for the head. Take the amount of “skin” fondant that you find right for the head size and again add a little Tylo powder (If you have any leftover “skin” fondant with Tylo powder from the previous two steps? Then use this) Roll and shape a little head for the fairy. Place the head in the “cup holder” and use the cocktail stick to mark out in the center of the head for the nose. Next take a pointy tool and make holes for the eyes. Then take the 1/2 moon tool and use it for the mouth. Roll two tiny balls of white fondant and attach the eyes with a little glue. Flatten the eyes a bit. Make another tiny ball of “skin” fondant for the nose, fix with a little glue. Let the fondant (head) dry for 30 mins before you start to paint the facial features. In the meantime you can color the fondant for the flower dress (just use plain fondant, no Tylo).

Step 5:
Now it is time to paint the facial features. I like to have a piece of fondant to remove excess paint from the brush but also to make sure that the color is not too strong when I want to paint. It takes a steady hand but it really helps when the head is resting in the foil holder. Mix a little brown gel color with few drops of clear alcohol and with the super fine brush paint the eyes, lashes and brows. Mix some white petal dust & alcohol and paint a white sparkle in each eye. Make some rosy cheeks with a soft brush and pink colored petal dust. Attach the head to the body with a little glue. Let the fairy dry overnight.
TIP! If you should not be happy with what you have painted? Then you can carefully remove the paint by gently rubbing a cotton stick, moisten, not too wet, with clear alcohol. Use a new cotton stick when the other one is dirty. Take a clean soft brush and brush a little corn starch on the spot that you have cleaned with the clear alcohol. Brush away any excess corn starch. Rub a little bit of Crisco if there are any trace of corn starch afterwards. You can then paint the face again.

Step 6:
You can use different nesting flower petal cutters to make the dress. For the two first rows of petals you should be using the same size of petals and a smaller one for the last row. If you like you can thin and frill the petals using a flower foam pad and a ball tool. Brush a little glue on the back of the petals and attach them all the way around the body.

Step 7:
When you have added three rows of petals it is time to make the arms. Take some “skin” fondant with Tylo. Roll a thin sausage and cut a diagonal cut. Form the arms and cut a little thumb too. Attach with glue. Then cut out two flower petals in the same size you used for the last row on the dress. Glue them on top of the arms as sleeves.

Step 8:
Take some plain fondant in the color you want for the hair and roll small strings of hair in the palm of your hand. Brush a little glue on the head and attach the hair. Remember that the flower hat will cover most of the hair.

Step 10:
Cut out a little green 5 petal flower and glue it on the hat. Make a hole in the middle and add a little bit of glue. Make a little green flower stem and attach it into the hole.

Step 11:
All you need now, is to give your little fairy a pair of wings. Brush the wings with a little glue and carefully press them into the back of the fairy. Let your little fairy dry over night or even better for a couple of days. Before you place her on your cake.